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10 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies Of 2022 To Boost Your Company's Growth

14 Oct 2022
10 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies Of 2022 To Boost Your Company's Growth Image

One of the most crucial things your organization should be evaluated in 2022 is the best inbound marketing best practice methods. While this can take various forms, monitoring conversion rates on a weekly or monthly basis based on data-driven decisions can provide a broad picture of how much of your website traffic is turning into form leads for submissions.

A solid inbound marketing plan, as explained in the video below, will produce more meaningful inbound marketing outcomes with a higher ROI than a standard outbound marketing strategy. 

Table of Contents

1. Difference b/w Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing? 

2. 10 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies Of 2022 That Can Boost Your Company's Growth

3. 1. Defining the Criteria for Your Ideal Customer

4. 2. Focus On Effectiveness Of Website Design

5. 3. Make Mobile Friendly Pages

6. 4. Creating Attractive Content to Attract More Visitors

7. 5. Guest Blog Posting

8. 6. Active Social Media Presence

9. 7. Search Engine Optimization

10. 8. Effective Lead Scoring

11. 9. Lead Nurturing Content with a Purpose

12. 10. Nurturing Leads After They've Been Generated

Difference b/w Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing? 

What is the definition of an inbound marketing strategy? Inbound marketing best practice ideas and B2B marketing strategies are based on a scalable and repeatable playbook for attracting prospective buyers to your website, converting website visitors into leads, and nurturing those leads into customers. Successful inbound marketing is necessary for a business.

While some firms continue to succeed with b2b outbound marketing approaches and strategies, inbound marketing ROI continues to decline. However, it has not yet gone far enough for everyone to abandon old-fashioned approaches such as television commercials and cold phoning. We've listed below the 10 best inbound marketing strategies of 2022 that can boost your company's growth. 

10 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies Of 2022 That Can Boost Your Company's Growth

1. Defining the Criteria for Your Ideal Customer

A thorough grasp of the target audience is the foundation of every effective B2B inbound marketing approach. To attract potential clients to your website, establish a relationship, and finally convert them into customers, you must first comprehend their wants, issues, and objectives.

Conducting research to develop your ideal customer profile, or ICP should be the first step in any inbound approach. An ICP is a firm that would gain the most from employing your product or service (for B2B businesses). It's someone who has an issue for which you have a solution and has the highest chance of becoming a customer.

It's also crucial to know who your ideal customer is. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of a decision-maker or influencer within the firm to which you are trying to market your services. This can be determined by looking at the customer's title, role, demographics, goals, motivators, pain spots, and level of experience/knowledge.

2. Focus On the Effectiveness Of Website Design

It's critical that your website is appealing and easy to navigate before you can begin drawing visitors. It's time to rebuild your website if it's not performing as a helpful partner in attracting, engaging, and delighting potential consumers.
JoonWeb is a platform where you can create attractive websites with pre-made designer templates. Your website will highly impact the time spent by a visitor on your website & it will also impact the sales of your business. 

3. Make Mobile Friendly Pages

Your website, as well as your blog, must be mobilized. Mobile devices are used to do more online searches than ever before. In fact, mobile devices account for the vast majority of internet searches, rather than desktop computers and laptops. As a result, your sites should be accessible and simple to use on smartphones and other pocket devices to appeal to the majority.

A mobile-friendly website decreases the friction of the user purchasing experience and, as a result, boosts customer satisfaction with their purchase and, by extension, with your business. 

4. Creating Attractive Content to Attract More Visitors

While outstanding content isn't the only part of inbound marketing that matters, it is the foundation. It will be difficult to gain traction with inbound marketing without high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date content. And the bar for excellence continues to rise. It's no longer acceptable to get by with subpar content.

Consumers and search engines are becoming more sophisticated. Now you must create and share good, valuable content that is tailored to the clients you want to reach on a regular basis.

In many cases, the value proposition provided in your content marketing efforts will decide the level of success in turning additional traffic into leads. 

Consider diversifying your offers if you're having problems producing the amount of high-quality content you require. Persona-driven blogs remain a simple and effective method of creating and publishing content.

Furthermore, as seen in the screenshot below, editing older blog posts and re-submitting to the Google search dashboard to notify Google that the content has been updated can have a significant influence on your results and organic traffic. You can take a look at some effective content strategies for more information.  

5. Guest Blog Posting

Backlinks aren't all made equal. In fact, some forms of backlinks might really harm your search engine rankings. Blog comments and profile backlinks have lost their value as backlinks. You can enhance organic traffic and reach a new audience by guest posting on other specialized or big media connected to your firm's offerings.

Some of these people may never have heard of your organization otherwise. Many marketers are overlooking this high-impact technique to drive more people to a website and generate more leads and revenue as we look at the 10 best inbound marketing strategies of 2022. 

Guest posting will be critical as a b2b inbound marketing approach in 2022 because it has the potential to influence practically every other area of your marketing strategy. Backlinks, brand authority, and relationships with niche influencers can all be gained via guest posting.

To achieve the most traction and impact from guest posting, be consistent, especially in the beginning, and find blogs that will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of time and effort. 

6. Active Social Media Presence

You may stay in touch with customers through social media. A strong social media presence boosts your targeted visitors and draws traffic to your blog posts. Furthermore, the messaging and positioning aspects of these platforms allow you to interact with potential customers and act as a great opportunity to learn more about your target audience; interested customers can contact representatives of your company on social media to ask any questions they can't find the answer to online.

Additionally, having a social media presence raises public awareness of your organization, bringing more potential customers to your website, product, or brand. Make sure, however, that you earn your social media following organically; do not buy followers.

The screenshot below shows how you may communicate with social media users who have followed your company or reacted to one of your social media posts using the HubSpot social media suite. 

7. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an important part of your visitor attraction strategy. It elevates your material to the top of Google's and other search engines' results pages. You may improve organic search traffic over time by incorporating the right keywords and phrases into your content. Formulating a sound SEO strategy is essential for your website. 

It's difficult to know which to prioritize when it comes to designing and implementing a successful B2B inbound marketing strategy: content themes or search engine optimization (SEO).

Many marketers would start with the correct SEO keywords and produce content around them in the beginning. It's no longer that straightforward as readers (and search engines) become more sophisticated.

We need to adopt a more comprehensive strategy for content creation that is relevant and SEO keyword-optimised. It's no longer sufficient to just aim to rank for relevant keywords. Those keywords should link to useful and relevant content.

In 2022, it will be critical to control internal expectations that SEO will not improve income on its own. As a result, SEO and content must work together, with buyer personas influencing content creation and SEO keyword research. Following that, content should be created with the goal of answering the most pertinent questions your potential clients are asking while also being easily identified when they seek solutions.

On the web, SEO is the bread and butter of marketing. You're probably already using SEO in your B2B inbound marketing plan, but do you know how to enhance its effectiveness and increase organic search traffic? Make sure to look up keyword trends on the internet, and if you're a new business or startup, it's a good idea to concentrate on phrases with less competition. 

8. Effective Lead Scoring

Because no two leads are alike, they shouldn't be treated the same way. Although inbound marketing methods might boost the number of prospects who visit your website, they may not all be in the same stage of the sales cycle. This is when lead scoring enters the picture.

Lead scoring is a method of assessing leads based on their qualities in order to determine their worth and likelihood of becoming customers. The parameters for lead scoring are determined by the qualifications you establish for your company.

  • Marketing Qualified Leads are leads who, based on their demographic qualities and site activity, are more likely to become customers.
  • Leads that your marketing and sales teams feel are ready to be handled by sales are known as Sales Qualified Leads. They've already asked to talk with a sales representative or even accepted a meeting invitation.
  • MQLs and SQLs are both MQLs and SQLs. Highly Qualified Leads are in the middle. They meet the marketing qualification requirements and have expressed an interest in speaking with a salesperson.

Lead scoring allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your leads and engage with them in the most effective way possible throughout their buyer's journey.

9. Lead Nurturing Content with a Purpose

According to the Marketing Lead Management Report, prospects receive 10 marketing touches on average from the moment they hit the top of the funnel until they become closed-won clients. Many modern marketing methods, on the other hand, do not follow this approach.

Multiple touches across multiple channels are included in the most successful lead nurturing programs. You can help a buyer proceed through their sales journey by generating content that acts as multiple touchpoints and addresses typical questions and issues they may have along the route.

Social media, blog articles, whitepapers, interactive calculators, and direct mail are just some of the content formats you can utilize.

10. Nurturing Leads After They've Been Generated

After you've engaged prospects with tailored content, it's critical to follow up with a direct call or email as soon as possible. When you reach out immediately after a website conversion, you have a far better chance of converting a lead into a paying customer.

Making a cold call to an inbound lead is very different from making a cold call to an outbound lead. An effective B2B inbound marketing plan offers you critical information about a lead so you can be prepared when communicating with them.

Because inbound leads have already expressed interest in your company or received a promotional item, your marketing team can perform some preliminary research before phoning to learn more about the company they work for or their interests. 

By Harkirpal Singh
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