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5 Best eCommerce Website Builders In 2022 (Detailed Review)

16 Nov 2022
5 Best eCommerce Website Builders In 2022 (Detailed Review) Image

We've put together a list of the best eCommerce website builders from across the internet in this blog piece. We've also listed a brief summary of the most helpful features for each website builder because you likely have certain requirements for your company/business/profession. Although starting an online store may seem like a difficult endeavor, when done correctly, it can be satisfying and incredibly successful. 

You may quickly and easily overcome the challenges of eCommerce with the aid of a reliable & professional eCommerce website builder. In this manner, you may win over clients and generate revenue right away. You can stand out if you create an eCommerce website on one of the many simple-to-use website builders for online retailers. 

Do you know which is the best eCommerce website builder or the best website builder in general? Here, check through the list of best eCommerce website builders you may use to launch your eCommerce website if you're searching for a detailed review. 

Table of Contents

1. JoonWeb

2. Zoho

3. Shopify

4. Wix eCommerce

5. Shift4Shop (3dcart)

6. FAQs

5 Best eCommerce Website Builders In 2022



JoonWeb eCommerce
JoonWeb eCommerce 

A made-in-India no-code platform for creating fast, easy-to-use, SEO-optimized eCommerce websites. 

The quickest and safest method to sell online is with JoonWeb. JoonWeb's eCommerce platform makes it simple to create an eCommerce website within minutes without the need for coding expertise or a big expenditure. Affordable pricing, attractive website designs, and practical marketing tools are all hallmarks of JoonWeb. JoonWeb is by far the best website builder that has originated in India

You can select from more than 90+ designer templates with built-in features, like SSL certificates, domain hosting, custom domains, and other strong tools to help you attract clients, close deals, and manage your daily business operations if you want to start an online store. Through your online store, you can sell any number of products. 

Here are some of the most prominent features of JoonWeb:

  • A built-in mobile eCommerce shopping cart enables customers to make purchases using any smartphone or tablet.
  • Full access to the HTML and CSS of your store, allowing you to completely personalize every part of your eCommerce website.
  • stores with search engine optimization to make it easier for online prospects to find you
  • Simple inventory management to keep track of stock levels and halt product sales when inventory is depleted
  • There are no limitations on how many items you may offer in your store.
  • You will never be charged based on how much traffic your store receives because of the unlimited bandwidth.
  • Easy-to-understand Analytics and reporting
  • A dedicated customer service team is available by phone, email, and live chat every day of the week.

Try JoonWeb free of cost for 15 days, with plans starting at INR 299/Month. (No credit card required



Zoho Commerce
Zoho Commerce 

Another top-rated eCommerce website builder from India, Zoho is pushing the boundaries of Website Designing.

You can create a website, collect orders, keep track of inventory, process payments, handle shipping, market your brand, and analyze data using Zoho Commerce. As your sales increase, Zoho Commerce interacts with all the necessary sales, marketing, and financial apps in the Zoho suite, giving you the ability to scale your business operations.

With the help of Zoho, you can launch your store and completely configure it in under an hour. Utilize our robust drag-and-drop site builder, start with one of our many contemporary templates, and then modify everything with our market-leading visual editor. With Zoho Commerce, you have total control over every element of your online store.

Features Of Zoho: 

  • Zoho Commerce includes built-in capabilities as part of its ecosystem, and you receive all of the features from the start—you never have to pay for plugins again.
  • Plans from Zoho can be adjusted to your company's specific requirements. Additionally, there is a No Hidden Costs promise with Zoho Commerce.
  • In eCommerce, dependability, security, and privacy are unavoidable requirements. You don't have to worry about corporate security or downtime because all of Zoho's software is run on its private, dedicated data centers.
  • With more than 50 Zoho tools, you can efficiently automate your eCommerce website as you expand. With tools to execute campaigns, integrate live chat to increase consumer engagement, and manage multi-channel inventory, you can create a store that serves a worldwide audience from a single location, freeing you up to concentrate on expanding your company.

Users can try Zoho Commerce free of cost for a whole month before purchasing a plan (no credit card required). Monthly plans start at ₹999/Month.





One of the top eCommerce website builders for creating integrated stores. Shopify is known for its simplicity & plethora of eCommerce features.

The quickest and safest way to take your selling business online is with Shopify. With Shopify's eCommerce platform, you can easily create an online store without knowing how to code or having a large budget. Shopify, a platform used by more than a million businesses, is well known for its affordable costs, stunning website layouts, and useful marketing tools.

If you want to start a Shopify store, you can select from more than 100 expert designs that come with built-in features like SSL certificates, domain hosting, custom domains, abandoned cart recovery, and other strong tools to help you attract clients, close deals, and run your daily business.

Through Shopify's native partner integrations, you may sell an unlimited number of products through your online store and on several marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Taking online payments is also made simple via Shopify Payments. You may interface with more than 100 international payment alternatives and gateways, such as Shop Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Additionally, you may use one of the over 4,000 free Shopify applications to increase online sales and expand the functionality of your store. in short, Shopify stands apart from other top website builders for eCommerce. Some folks call it the best eCommerce website builder out there. 

Shopify is highly regarded because of the following features: 

  • A built-in mobile commerce shopping cart enables customers to make purchases using any smartphone or tablet.
  • Full access to the HTML and CSS of your store, allowing you to completely personalize every part of your eCommerce website.
  • More than 100 premium themes produced by eminent designers like Happy Cog and Pixel Union
  • Simple inventory management to monitor stock levels and stop product sales whenever inventory is exhausted
  • There are no limitations on how many products you want to sell & and keep in your inventory
  • Due to the limitless bandwidth, you will never be charged based on how much traffic your store receives.
  • Analytics and reporting made simple
  • Integration of the Shopify POS system to link physical and online storefronts

Users can Shopify free for 14 days without giving their credit card details. Paid plans start as low as ₹2,300/month. 


Wix eCommerce

Website: eCommerce website builder

Image source- Wix commerce
Image source- Wix commerce

The best eCommerce website-building platform for independent vendors

By utilizing its user-friendly website builder, Wix is now taking on online retailers as part of the eCommerce industry trend. You may construct an online store that suits your demands with Wix's simple drag-and-drop builder. To make it simple for you to get online, Wix offers customizable templates, domain name registration, and web hosting.

The main disadvantage? Even though you can create an online store for free, you can't start selling anything unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

A few useful tools are available on Wix to assist you to run your online store. You may create abandoned cart campaigns, track orders, collect payments online, and sell through a variety of platforms. However, several essential inventory management services, like low-stock notifications, tax calculators, and dropshipping capacities, are not included in Wix's basic account.

Features Include:

  • Easy-to-use editing platform for creating your online store
  • Templates that may be modified to fit your website, from the storefront to the checkout integrations to support sales on eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Free SSL certificate to safeguard client data and transactions
  • Product pages with SEO optimization will perform better in search results
  • the capability of importing inventory data from CSV files into your business

Paid Plans start at $23/per month

Shift4Shop (3dcart)


image source- 3dcart
image source- Shift4Shop

Best eCommerce website builder for physical stores

For retailers looking to sell online, Shift4Shop is a straightforward shopping cart. It is a top choice for business owners that need to develop an online presence quickly due to its inexpensive price, good sales reporting, and mobile-responsive templates, even though it doesn't offer as many features as other website builders like Shopify, Wix, or JoonWeb.

You don't have a lot of creative power over your businesses, despite the fact that Shift4Shop comes with a number of important eCommerce tools. There aren't many templates, and using the builder might be challenging. 

Shift4shop Features: 

  • Integrated SEO features to raise websites' search exposure
  • Notifications of abandoned carts to aid in recouping lost sales
  • More than 90 free templates to launch your website
  • No coding is necessary for the integration of all 160+ payment alternatives into your store
  • Suitable Zapier integrations to increase the functionality of your store

Shift4Shop offers a 15-day trial period. After which, users can purchase a paid plan starting at ₹1,500/month


A platform known as an eCommerce website builder allows business owners to rapidly and simply integrate various features to create an eCommerce website or online store without coding.
You can hire professional web developers & designers for the coding of your website. However, in case you are using a website builder like JoonWeb, then coding knowledge is not required.
Well, that completely depends on your needs & budget. There are certain eCommerce website builders that come with plenty of tools but are too expensive & out of your budget. On the other hand, certain eCommerce website builders are very cost-friendly but lack the features you require. Hence, you should list down the pros & cons of each & make the decision as per your budget & needs.
First and foremost is the quality of the product you are selling, everything else is secondary. Still, SEO is a must-have for eCommerce websites. Your products must rank higher than your competitors and be displayed correctly so that potential buyers may identify the products they require in the SERPs and choose your site to click on.
Make use of an eCommerce website builder to get started if you want to create a free online store. Many websites, including JoonWeb, give you a 15-day free trial, giving you time to build the finest online store for your company before you have to start paying.
Yes. You may access well-designed templates to start your store in a matter of minutes using a professional eCommerce website builder like JoonWeb. To make your store more representative of your business, you can alter the colors, text, graphics, layouts, and more.
By Harkirpal Singh
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