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Marketing Through Pinterest In 2022: A Complete Guide About Pinterest Marketing Strategies

14 Oct 2022
Marketing Through Pinterest In 2022: A Complete Guide About Pinterest Marketing Strategies Image

Pinterest is a social media platform where users may discover, share, and save visually appealing information that they find inspiring, useful, or entertaining. Users organize their favorite content by pinning it to boards with a shared theme, which allows other users to discover fresh content connected to their interests. You can start sharing material and, as a result, social media marketing on the platform after you sign up

Upload content from your computer or mobile device for your business, Pin content from the platform, and add content from the web using the Pinterest browser button to make the most of the platform. Engagement is crucial. Follow your friends' and competitors' boards, "Like" and comment on their Pins, re-Pin (or repost) information, and use your Pins to share connections to your website and blog.

It's important to note that Pinterest has both personal and business accounts. If you choose a business account, you'll get access to Pinterest Analytics as well as additional tools like a visual search tool, a native video player, and the opportunity to run Pinterest advertisements if you want to, making it great for marketers. 

Marketing through Pinterest in 2022 is a vast topic & we will try to cover most of it in this article. We've also filtered out some of the most common Pinterest marketing strategies that can help you grow your business. Before we dive deep into the strategies, let's take a look at how to use Pinterest of Marketing. 

  • Focus On Content Distribution: Pinners prefer and seek visual content, with 85 percent preferring it. This makes Pinterest a particularly effective platform for distributing all forms of material, including written blog posts. Users can click via live links, unlike on Instagram. Pinterest boards are where you share stuff. Boards save all of your Pins and make your material available to your followers. You may create as many boards as you like, and they can be arranged into themes, ideas, plans, or different forms of inspiration to help your audience discover the information they need.
  • Create A Community: Online communities bring like-minded people together and function as useful business centers. With a Pinterest community, you can expect your followers and admirers to interact with your boards, consume your content, and visit your website, resulting in increased traffic. Pinterest is used by approximately 335 million individuals every month. You may establish a loyal community of Pinterest users who may become customers by using your Pinterest board as a two-way street through which you can connect with and engage consumers (rather than a one-way billboard).

  • Educate Your Clients: Tutorials, infographics, how-tos, and connections to extra instructive content abound on Pinterest. It's a powerful channel for educating and engaging customers because of its proclivity for visual content. Keep your target demographic in mind when generating and posting content for your Pinterest profile and marketing to users. You want to make sure you're sharing content on Pinterest that appeals to your target demographic, current customers, and buyer profiles in the same way you would when generating new items, establishing your branding or posting to other social networks.

  • Boost Online Sales By Increasing Website Visitors: Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows you to link your visual content to another website - your own. You can use this tool to provide both written and graphic content, as well as a link back to your website. This is a useful addition to your marketing strategy because it can boost online sales. Many businesses use Pinterest to promote content and show off product photos. 

Most Common Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Can Help You Grow Your Business 

Make An Account For Your Business

Marketing through Pinterest can be a long but simple process. First of all, create a Pinterest business account to sell to your target demographic. As previously said, this free account gives you access to Pinterest Analytics (which we'll go over in more depth later) as well as other useful marketing features like a profile that clearly shows you're a business, Pinterest widgets, and a Pinterest tag. You can convert your Pinterest account into a Pinterest business account without losing any of your material or work if you currently have one. 

If you want to improve your business account and run advertisements on Pinterest, you may do so by upgrading your account — and setting up your payment method, because this element of Pinterest is not free — and using the platform's Ads Manager to target your audience more aggressively. 

Select Appropriate Categories For Your Work 

Your Pins and boards will become more searchable for users looking for information comparable to your business if you choose the correct category for them to be shared in. Users can use Pinterest to search for certain categories or just go to the "Categories" section of any profile to see all content connected to the topic they're looking for. Travel, health & wellness, and beauty are among the most popular Pinterest categories. 

Make Use Of Original Photographs & Videos

Pinterest, like other social media platforms, has an abundance of images and videos. You'll want to make sure that not only are you sharing photographs and videos that will help you promote your brand and market your products/services but that they also stand out among the others on the site. Otherwise, why would a user choose you over your competitors to follow?

Here are a few tips to ensure you're posting original, high-quality visual content on Pinterest: 

  1. Use branded photos without faces to get 25 percent more Pins on Pinterest than images with faces.
  2. To market your products and company, create and share branded videos. 75% of Pinterest users say they'll watch sponsored videos about topics they're interested in.
  3. Share photographs and videos of your products in use so that consumers can visualize themselves using them.
  4. Avoid using too much vacant (or white) space in your photographs; images with 30% less blank space in the backdrop are more likely to get pinned.
  5. Create videos that are 30-90 seconds lengthy because they have been proved to work well.
  6. Make specific boards to share photographs of your company's most useful data visualizations and infographics if you have them so that your audience can utilize them as resources for their own businesses.

Here are a few places on Pinterest where you may insert keywords to boost your chances of ranking organically through search:

  • Profile and biographical information
  • Board names
  • Descriptions of boards
  • Image-Alt-Text

Those who wish to pay for Pinterest advertising have the option of using the platform's keyword targeting tool to assist them to reach their desired demographic. 

Share Your Work On Other Social Media Platforms

Share your Pins, photos, and videos in other places to promote your Pinterest account and content to enhance your chances of being seen and followed. You can, for example, claim your business' Pinterest account on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube so that your followers can simply discover about your other platforms and how they can see more of your material. Furthermore, claiming your account will provide you access to statistics and data on all of these Pins, allowing you to know which other networks your audience is interested in.

You may also link your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Google accounts so that you can quickly add and find friends, share material across networks, and backup your profile in case you lose or forget your password credentials.

Use Hashtags In Your Posts

Another wonderful technique to naturally market to and reach your target audience is to use hashtags, which are terms and phrases followed by the "#" symbol. When used correctly, hashtags improve the searchability of your material.

On Pinterest, hashtags are used to assist users to find Pins and boards related to a given topic. When users click on a hashtag you include on a Pin, they're taken to a page where they can see every material labeled with that hashtag that has ever been uploaded on the platform. To achieve maximum visibility, include hashtags in your Pins, boards, and promoted content (if applicable). 

You can start and maintain personal relationships with other Pinterest users and their accounts by following and interacting with them and their accounts. This form of interaction has the potential to instill a sense of loyalty in your followers, encouraging them to return to your profile for inspiration, ideas, and product purchases.

Here are four ways you can use Pinterest marketing to develop strong and enduring relationships with your target audience:

  • Follow new accounts of users who express or demonstrate an interest in the work your company does and the content you publish
  • Re-pin, like, and comment on content shared by your followers and fans.
  • To personalize their experience on your profile and make them feel heard, respond to the notes your fans leave on your material.
  • Create compelling postings that demonstrate your industry experience, teach your followers how to accomplish something, or engage them in some way.

Make Use Of Effective Social Media Techniques

Follow the same social media best practices you would on other social networks when utilizing Pinterest. Remember to interact with your followers, and to post to (and maintain) your account. on a regular basis, and avoid blatant self-promotion that feels forced on your audience.

You may also concentrate on the following five best strategies to increase Pinterest engagement: 

  • Encourage your fans to mention your company in their posts (and maybe offer to repost them or re-Pin their content if they do).
  • Give your audience a reason to follow and interact with you, as well as make posts promoting your products and branding, by offering a prize.
  • To keep your audience coming back to your profile, provide them discount codes, coupons, and information on your newest products and upgrades to current ones.
    Ascertain that your material is beneficial and valuable to your target audience — all content should have a purpose and/or significance. 

Examine Your Findings

If you're spending so much time and money on Pinterest marketing, it's logical to expect you'll want to make sure your efforts enhance your company's conversions and brand awareness. So, to keep track of your referral traffic, amount of engagement leads generated, and anything else you're curious about, you'll need to assess the results of your Pinterest marketing efforts. Pinterest Analytics is the simplest way to achieve this. 

By Harkirpal Singh
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