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Google ads

Google ads is an online advertising program of google, with this, one can make online ads to reach audiences, at the exact moment when they are interested in the services, brands, or in products that you offer. It is an online paid advertising platform that comes under the Pay per Click marketing channel, shortly known as PPC. It's something that one can use to promote brands, sell products, to increases the traffic of the website, and raise awareness for the business. 

The accounts of google ads are handled online, therefore you can form and even change your ad campaign at every possible time, it may be your budget, settings, or ad text. You can even set and manage your own budget, you can also have the option to choose where your ad appears, manage the budget as per your comfort, and can measure the impact of an ad. 

As it's a paid online platform, this was launched two years just after it became popular as This platform for online advertisement came actively on 2000 October, named Google Adwords, but in 2018 it is renamed Google Ads due to some rebranding. 

Google Ads which was formerly known as Google Adwords, is paid online platform for advertising which is used by brands and businesses to promote their services and products through advertising, on YouTube, Google search, and other sites too.
Google Ads works by showing ads of a company or a brand, exactly when people search for any services and products that brands offer. By displaying ads with smart technology, it helps to make your ads in front of potential users at the very first moment they are ready to operate.
Google Ads gives a business to have full control over the budget and is determined through its own budget setting. You will be charged when customers interact with the ads, by clicking to call the business or to visit your website.

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