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49 Trending Products To Sell Online At Your eCommerce Store in 2022

20 Sep 2023
49 Trending Products To Sell Online At Your eCommerce Store in 2022 Image

Looking for trending items to sell online from your store? Don't worry, we've got your back! You've already completed the most important step in establishing a successful online business: you've launched an eCommerce website using our eCommerce website builder. If you dont have one yet, then create an eCommerce website using JoonWeb eCommerce website builder It is now time to go on to the following step, which is to identify the products that are in high demand.

Your products are quite important in the online business world. You must keep up with trends, update your products, and always be on the lookout for better methods to use those trends. However, trends change rapidly, and there are so many different items to pick from that it can be tough to evaluate which ones are best for your organization. 

If you are wondering how to sell online? Dont worry, we've got this covered for you as well. Here's how you can convert your retail store into an eCommerce website using an eCommerce website builder or any other way. 

The majority of eCommerce websites fail due to a lack of popular things to sell online. With so many products on the market, choosing one that sells the best has become a difficult process, especially when there is constant rivalry and every other eCommerce business is attempting to follow the same strategy.

Do you know what will bring you more money in this situation? Being unique, remaining awake, knowing how to advertise a product, and testing more frequently are all important. Are you in a hurry? Go straight to the list of the top trending products to sell online.

Top Trending Products to Sell Online At Your Ecommerce Store-

Ashwagandha Health Products


If you want to sell products online in India, then Ashwagandha supplements are the way to go. 

  • Average Selling Cost: ₹800-3000
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 16 Lakhs+
  • Target Customer Base: Herbal medicine practitioners & consumers
  • Target Regions: India, USA, Canada

Ashwagandha is a famous adaptogen, which is a type of herb that helps the body deal with stress. According to several pieces of research, it increases athletic performance and male fertility. It is available in a variety of forms, including tablets, gummies, and powders.

According to Google Trends, the search volume for "Ashwagandha" has climbed dramatically in recent years. After peaking in popularity halfway through 2021, product awareness has remained reasonably strong.

Yoga Mats

  • Average Selling Cost: ₹1200-2400
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 3.3 Lakhs+
  • Target Customer Base: Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Target Regions: India, USA, UK

A mat is often required for at-home workouts such as yoga, pilates, and aerobics to prevent slipping and bruising. According to Google Trends, worldwide searches for "yoga mat" peaked in 2020. Even though the key has not reached a new high, yoga mats remain in strong demand in 2022. Create an eCommerce website & start selling Yoga mats right away!

Fitness Trackers

  • Average Selling Cost: ₹3000-8000 
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 1.2 Lakhs+ 
  • Target Customer Base: Young adults and working professionals aged 25 to 40.
  • Target Regions: Germany, United States, United Kingdom.

Smartwatches have been mainly trending due to their wide range of monitoring capabilities and a slew of previously only available on larger devices, and it does not appear that demand for them will abate in the near future.

Green Tea

  • Average Selling Cost: ₹800-4000
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 8.5 Lakhs+
  • Target Customer Base: Nutrition-cautious & fitness-cautious individuals
  • Target Regions: USA, Poland, Germany

Matcha green tea is one of the few trending goods that has remained popular long after it first became popular. Searches for "matcha" have been volatile, according to Google Trends. It has, nonetheless, acquired tremendous traction in recent months.


  • Average Selling Cost: ₹1600-3200
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 71K+
  • Target Customer Base: Sports & Fashion lovers
  • Target Regions: USA, India, UK

Sportswear has grown fashionable as a result of prominent brands such as Puma. Athleisure is the term used by fashion professionals to describe this trend. Athleisure items are popular because they combine comfort and style. According to Google Trends, the search traffic for "athleisure" has been reasonably high and constant over the years.

Wireless Earbuds

  • Average Selling Cost: ₹1200-10000
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 3.4 Lakh+
  • Target Customer Base: Musicians, gamers, young adults, & sportsmen
  • Target Regions: USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia

Since the release of the Air Pods, there has been an increase in the desire for alternative wireless earbuds. Google statistics suggest an increase in wireless earbud searches, which is encouraging if you wish to enter this market.

Bluetooth speakers

  • Average Selling Cost: ₹1600-8000
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 7.5 Lakhs+
  • Target Customer Base: Young adults, party lovers, music lovers, & more
  • Target Regions: India, USA, UK, Australia, & Netherlands.

They have greatly evolved and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The portability and convenience they provide make it a popular product. 

Video Games

  • Average Selling Cost: ₹2400-5000
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 8 Lakhs+
  • Target Customer Base: Individuals between the ages of 12 and 34 (gamers & kids)
  • Target Regions: India, US, Canada, UK, Philippines, South Korea

Adults and children alike are turning to video games to pass the time and have fun. The selling of video games has increased rapidly in recent months. 


  • Average Selling Cost: ₹4000-10000
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 5.5 Lakhs+
  • Target Customer Base: Musicians, YouTubers, Podcast hosts, Radio jockeys, Voice-dubbing artists
  • Target Regions: UK, India, US, Indonesia, & Philippines

Podcasters and professionals who frequently use zoom calls are all big fans of excellent mics that provide superior speech quality. They are in high demand due to their low cost.


  • Average Selling Cost: Highly Variable
  • Search Volume (Monthly): 10 Lakhs+
  • Target Customer Base: Young adults, working professionals, and families.
  • Target Regions: USA, UK, India, Australia, & Canada

People will naturally try to spruce up their living rooms and home offices if they are spending more time at home than normal. Needless to say, furniture is popular all around the world. 

Smart Watch

Average Selling Cost: ₹2400-5000

Search Volume (Monthly): 2 Lakhs+ 

Target Customer Base: White collar employees, fitness geeks, health enthusiasts

Target Regions: Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Australia

Nowadays, smartwatches are extremely popular, and major corporations like Samsung and Apple are making their own models. You don't have to pick an expensive option, though; you may just purchase less expensive items to offer in your online store.

Resistance bands

Average Selling Cost: ₹500-2000

Search Volume (Monthly): 3 Lakhs+

Target Customer Base: Fitness enthusiasts aged 21-34.

Target Regions:  Australia, Canada, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom

Additionally, this is hardly a surprise. People are preferring to exercise in the comfort of their own homes as a result of gyms and parks being closed or kept open with stringent limits. As a result, resistance bands and workout bands are popular products.

Plus-Sized Clothes

Average Selling Cost: Variable

Search Volume (Monthly): 2.9 Lakhs

Target Customer Base: Pregnant women, as well as those who wear sizes 20 and up

Target Regions: Canada, India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia.

There is a lot of unrealized potential in this movement. Plus-size clothes sales are being indirectly influenced by fashion icons that support inclusivity and body positivity.

Electric kettle

Average Selling Cost: ₹800-2000

Search Volume (Monthly): 2 Lakhs

Target Customer Base: Students living in hostels, frequent travelers, hotels, and hospitals

Target Regions: United Kingdom, Canada, India, United States, Philippines.

Electric kettles are flying off the shelves as a result of shifting customer preferences toward energy-saving technologies. 


Average Selling Cost: ₹2000-10000

Search Volume (Monthly): 5.5 lakhs

Target Customer Base: Resorts, spas, mansions, office spaces, & hotels. 

Target Regions: US, UK, Australia, Canada, India.

Rugs add beauty and comfort to a space. It's apparent that this product is popular right now given the rise in the amount of time Americans spend at home decorating. 


By Harkirpal Singh
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