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How to create a website at Types, Features and More.

28 Jan 2023
How to create a website at Types, Features and More. Image

Building a website at is a quick and user-friendly process. With AI website builder you can start from scratch and browse website templates to get help and add elements you want to include in your site to create a website.
For those who are looking to build their own website from scratch, JoonWeb builder is a suitable option. Here you can also create a website without having knowledge of web development and design. The builder offers you a variety of types for all kinds of businesses with advanced AI-based attractive templates.

To start to create a website, you have to visit Thereafter, you have to sign-up using your Email and Contact number. In addition, you can also sign-up by clicking on 'Continue with Google' or 'Continue with Facebook'. Upon successfully signing up, you have to click on the '+Create New Site' button.

Type of Website: gives you the type of website you want to create among offered suggestions- Website or Blog. Thereafter, you are given more than twenty service types (for eg. Tour & Travel, Astrology, Automobiles, etc.). Apart from that, you can even search for your service type or category by making a search for a topic in the given search section. Wherein, you have to opt for one from the given multiple suggestions. In case your service doesn't match, click on the "Other" button and continue.
These suggestions are here to help you easily select the website's type. Upon suggestion, you will be automatically assigned a category for your website.

Website Name, Font & Colour:

Once you choose your website's category, next you have to give a name to your website (Ex.- Anuj business). The website name will be the domain name in case the relevant domain is available. So you have to assign an appropriate and desirable name before proceeding

Upon continuing you have to select a font for your website. The builder contains a total of 36 fonts with over 20 font colors. These fonts and colors can be customized later from the dashboard.


After selecting the font and color for your website, you have to click on the continue button. Then you have to select the features you want to see on your site. features include- Gallary, Blog, Store, Pricing & Plans, etc. This helps ascertain what kind of features you want on your website.

Website Design & Templates:

Upon selecting features (one or multiple), next you have to select the website design. There you would find several website designs built-in by professional designers. To go ahead, you have to select any of the designs available.   
Upon clicking on select you will be taken to the dashboard wherein, you can add a page, or section and edit the design, color, alignments, etc.

No matter what you choose, Joonweb builder provides you the freedom to add any of the templates that suits your website. Even, though you can customize it whenever it requires.

By opting for less optimized layouts to highly optimized templates you can edit these from your dashboard whenever it is required.

Adding Webpages-

Webpages consist of site objectives that you want to pursue. These web pages will display the information you want your visitors to find. A website is a collection of webpages and these pages provide unique information. Initially, the website opens with Homepage and is adjoined with About Us, Services, Products, Projects, Contact Us, etc, webpages.

Content & Buttons:

Once you add the required web pages, you can edit the content from the dashboard by clicking on "Edit" of a particular webpage. You can replace the dummy/suggested content according to your requirements.  To give an amazing look to the content you can also use different colors and highlight the content using Italic, Bold, & Underline content. You can also use animations on your pages by clicking on the setting icon and animation in consecutive stages.

It should be noted that the target buttons can also be renamed and linked to target pages. You can also edit the forms, address, and contact details.

How to Make a Website Live:

Upon finalizing the content & target buttons, you have to click on "Preview" from the top-right corner to take a preview of your website before publishing. With, one thing is key to note that you can make required changes to webpages, designs, and content even after the website is published.

Congratulations! Now you have created your own website at

Plans to Upgrade Your Website

If you are ready to take your website to the next level, you have to click on the "Upgrade" button. Wherein, you have to select any of the feature plans of Joonweb. This will help your website to get a custom domain (, a free SSL Certificate, Free hosting, Responsive Layouts, SEO tools, and several other features. The upgrade will help you to do better on Google and double your visitors and revenue.

Buy a Domain:

To buy a custom domain you have to visit and click on "Domains". In a new window, you will be able to search for the availability of the domain name you aspire to. Upon availability, you have to click on "Buy Now" to move to checkout and place an order for the domain. Upon successful payment, you will be able to connect your custom domain to your website with a plan.

Hire a Professional Web-Developer To Complete Your Website:

Professional web developers and designers of JoonWeb are always ready to assist you to create a website at While creating your website you can contact us 24/7 using the helpline number and hire a professional to create your website according to your requirements.

Anywhere, you get stuck or feel any support, you can reach out to us at +91 8447696450 for setting up your account or any other help.

By Harkirpal Singh
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