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Release notes
Version 1.0.421 June, 2024

Bug fixes:

  1. There was a lot of trouble in putting more content in the top header.
  2. Corrected all the sections about, we had padding alignment-ment problem and btn checked that it was not wrapping.
  3. Some sections did not have section padding and that was fine.
  4. The form star in contact section and check input is not correct.
  5. By matching rule and section and using simple editor or fontStyle content_data all checked
  6. There was no gap comes in the middle when the each column was goes to wrapped.
  7. Add setting somewhere for btn or text-center
  8. Somewhere the text-center property is not working in mobile view.
  9. If the columns of the column section are getting spoiled then it is better to write a media query for them.
Version 1.0.323 November, 2023

Lawfirm 1.0.3 introduces new settings for padding, positioning, and colors in each section, enhancing customization options.

Please note that font sizes have been changed from rem to px units, which may result in larger font sizes on your website. We recommend updating your template promptly.


  • Customizable top and bottom spacing options for each section.
  • Additional color choices for individual components within each section.
  • Independent font size customization for each section.
  • The ability to resize section media images.
  • Integration of YouTube or Vimeo videos in the gallery.
  • Inclusion of heading tags via the text editor to enhance webpage SEO.
  • Add welcome with form

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Resolved the background image height issue in sections with background images.
  • Fixed the problem of color changes in various sections.
  • Addressed the issue with links on media elements in the background, which will now function properly.
  • Addressed the issue with links on media elements in the background, which will now function properly.


  • Unused sections such as "about variants" and "column variants" have been removed to streamline and simplify customization.
Version 1.0.201 September, 2023

-- Responsive bug fixed
-- Product stock quantity added
-- slider arrow bug fixed
-- footer icon style fixed

Version 1.0.105 May, 2023

This theme is supported by Joonweb. It's great for following: 
Crafted to spotlight captivating visuals
fostering visual branding
immersive storytelling
High-resolution images
Color switches
Image galleries

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