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Release notes
Version 1.0.405 February, 2024

Clinic Master 1.0.4 introduces new settings for padding, positioning, and colors in each section, enhancing customization options.

Please note that font sizes have been changed from rem to px units, which may result in larger font sizes on your website. We recommend updating your template promptly.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Resolved the background image height issue in sections with background images.
  • Fixed the problem of color changes in various sections.
  • Addressed the issue with links on media elements in the background, which will now function properly.
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.0.310 November, 2023

ClinicMaster 1.0.3 Unveils Enhanced Customization Settings for a Personalized Experience

We are thrilled to introduce ClinicMaster 1.0.3, a significant update that brings a host of new customization settings to elevate your experience on our platform. This release focuses on providing you with greater control over the look and feel of your healthcare services presentation.

Key Enhancements:

  1. Advanced Section Customization: Enjoy a heightened level of customization with new settings for padding, positioning, and colors in each section. Tailor your presentation to perfectly align with your unique healthcare offerings.
  2. Font Size Transition: Please be aware that font sizes have transitioned from rem to px units. This adjustment may result in larger font sizes on your website. We highly recommend promptly updating your template to maintain the desired text display.
  3. Added Features: 
  • Customize top and bottom spacing for each section, providing a more polished and aesthetically pleasing layout.
  • Explore additional color choices for individual components within each section, offering a diverse palette for visual appeal.
  • Independently adjust font sizes for each section, ensuring a harmonious and balanced presentation.
  • Resize section media images effortlessly to achieve optimal visual balance.
  • Integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos seamlessly into your gallery for a multimedia-rich experience.
  • Utilize heading tags via the text editor to enhance the SEO optimization of your webpages.

Fixes and Improvements:

  1. Background Image Height Issue Resolved: We've addressed the concern related to background image height in sections with background images. Enjoy a visually flawless presentation with this resolved issue.
  2. Color Changes in Various Sections: The problem of inconsistent color changes in various sections has been rectified, ensuring a cohesive and uniform visual experience.
  3. Functional Media Element Links: Links on media elements in the background now function as intended, resolving any previous issues and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Streamlined Customization:

  • Unused Sections Removed: To streamline and simplify customization, unused sections such as "about variants" and "column variants" have been removed. This decluttering ensures a more straightforward and user-friendly customization process.

Experience the power of ClinicMaster 1.0.3, where enhanced customization options empower you to showcase your healthcare services with unparalleled precision and style. Update your template today for a seamless and personalized presentation.

Version 1.0.209 October, 2023

--header mobile or email loop fixed which is repeating on icon.
--header menu submenu color static.
--When we remove slider img then slider not showing.
--Our service section 1 repeating items height not equals.
--Our service section 2 background add on repeating items.
--Our service section 2 repeating items height not equals.
--client section arrow button not showing.
--popup overlay not showing when popup is open.
--Footer mobile or email loop fixed which is repeating on icon.

Version 1.0.114 September, 2023

This theme is supported by Joonweb. It's great for following: 
Crafted to spotlight captivating visuals
fostering visual branding
immersive storytelling
High-resolution images
Color switches
Image galleries

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